Are you scrambling to keep up with changes in the investment world? Do you constantly juggle client time to manage operational fire-dirlls?  Is the daily tactical workload keeping you from focusing on core competencies and investment values?


If so, PTT provides the expertise and solutions for you to Get Your Focus On.  As the past few years have shown, operational excellence is no longer an option.  The ability to analyze operational risk, deliver institutional reporting needs, perform due diligence, and comply with new regulations is a core requirement for success.


So, let PTT help you maintain your investment focus.  You focus on generating return and building client relationships. 







09/23/13 - JOBS Act Rules Enacted

Private Funds can market directly to investors.  These new rules open new avenues for investor education, fundraising, content distribution, and brand management. However, along with flexibility, come new regulatory requirements, disclosures, and compliance steps.


July 15 to October 25, 2013 - IRS FATCA Registration Portal Available for FFIs


8/19/2013 - PORTAL UPDATE - IRS FATCA PORTAL SWITCHED ON.  You can register by clicking here.


We have been closely following Dodd Frank, OTC Centralized Clearing, FATCA, EMIR, and regulatory reforms.  Downstream effects for Funds and Investment Managers may be managed without expensive upgrades. If you need guidance on regulatory reforms, then please review the Consulting Services section of the website or call us for more detailed information.







PTT Principal Strategist presented at Palisade's Risk Conference

In November 2013, Seth Berlin presented on portfolio optimization and risk modeling via Monte Carlo simulation and decision support tools.



3D Portfolio Heatmap Use Cases 


Use Cases for 3D Portfolio Heatmaps are now available. Just click on the The Power of Visual Page and download the whitepaper and Use Case presentation.



Seminar on Advanced Portfolio Management Techniques


PTT has released a new seminar on Advanced Portfolio Management Techniques using 3-D Simulation and Monte Carlo Simulation.  The seminar deck can be found on the Research Page.




March 2014 - Increase 0.91%

Next Indicator - April 11, 2014

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