We protect everything important to us. Our health. Our family. Our property.   So, why should our portfolio be any different?

Portfolio insurance (aka hedging) is often described as the use of options or futures to protect against market crashes.  This is equivalent to "sandbagging" once the river has already flooded.  In other words,  IT IS TOO LATE.


At PTT, we believe portfolio protection is just as important as asset appreciation.   Just like other types of insurance, protection is unique to the portfolio and the situation.  PTT's Deep North Investment Analytics platform identifies specific risk optimization factors for each portfolio (as identified by the investor).   Factor analysis combined with AI simulations are used to determine risk optimization strategies.  


The Deep North Investor Analytics platform is adviser-assisted technology.  The goal is to help advisers and portfolio managers utilize  a variety of potential de-risking strategies inclusive of options, futures, inverse ETFs, liquid alternatives, and reduced-correlation assets.  The platform monitors and manages protection through the life of a portfolio.